Customer Reviews

Here's what some happy gardeners had to say!

Denise M.

Robust plants, thoughtfully packaged and safely delivered. And even though I planted the Lilies very late, they still bloomed beautifully!

April N.

Since I bought my first dahlia from Liz, I do not shop for flowers anywhere else. Strong healthy stock, and the snapdragons are spectacular.

Ken B.

As an avid gardener for over 35 years collecting plants on this beautiful island, it was a joy to discover a new source of exquisite plants. Liz has accumulated a collection of hard to find flora that any gardener would be happy to find. I’ve seen some specimens that I have never seen in the “average” garden store. Thanks Liz for your attention to beauty for our island gardens.

Louise L.

For my daughters birthday I thought I would give her a start on a selection that creates a continuous blooming season from early to late. I am pleased to have found your beautiful flowers! No more floral bouquets - from now on its birthday plants!

Kim M.

I have purchased twice from Liz and received excellent service and very strong healthy plants with beautiful blooms. And my second plant has just started to pop. Can’t wait to see what comes up. Liz takes her time and does the research and picks plants best suited for our climate. Can’t wait till the spring purchase.

Trinity W.

I LOVED the Delphinium I got from you last year! I've had others in my garden for years that just don't even compare to how well the ones that I got from you are.

Suzi B.

I love armchair shopping for plants and bulbs with Liz!! She provides lists with beautiful accompanying photos to choose from, including some rare varieties. Home delivery is so fabulous for me.

Chris C.

I'm super happy with the plants/bulbs I've bought from Liz. She is always quick to respond to any questions and very speedy getting your orders to you. The plants have been happy and healthy. I'm looking forward to many hours of gardening.

Brenda A

I ordered a number of plants from Liz, including some lovely varieties of delphiniums and novelty Snapdragons. Liz delivered the plants herself. She was right on schedule, and it was a treat to engage with a fellow plant geek . All Liz’s plants were healthy and lovely. My snap dragons were still blooming well into late fall. Thanks Liz!

Lois P-G

I have to tell you that the snapdragons I bought from you last year were amazing. You said they were long lasting and you weren’t kidding. They were stunning and are still in bloom today (months later). Thank you for such a quality product.

Judy E.

I purchased a variety of bulbs and plants from Liz last Spring and was thrilled by the display of gorgeous blooms throughout the summer. I now have tons of Liz’s (Fall) bulbs in the ground for what I expect to be a wonderful display in the Spring. Great product, good delivery service and Liz has provided knowledgable advice to this novice gardener.


I purchased Blue Lace Delphinium from Liz in 2021 and it was a star in the garden last Summer. The bloom is dense, 18" long on a sturdy stem and was very long lasting. The pink tinge combined with the blue is beautiful. All 5 Delphinium I purchased last year from Liz were healthy and strong performers - so I've ordered 6 more for 2022!

Tracey S.

As a new flower grower I have learned to read, listen to blog posts, youtube and learn from the masters. I consider Liz Dick a master grower. She has offered me advice and carefully picked perennial flowers for me to grow that will give me the best value for my growing dollar . She carefully helped me with colour palette and growing zones, things a new grower will stumble on. She has varieties of plants you just don’t see in most selling sites and local garden shops. Liz has the experience, the success as a master grower, and the teacher quality that makes her my absolute go to for my perennial investments. Thank you Liz for your time, friendship and expertise

Rose K.

The service from Liz Dick from Shawnigan Lake area was great. Almost right to my door,(even with the Covid distancing). All my tubers, etc were very healthy and exactly what I ordered. Every plant grew the way they were supposed to, were labelled correctly with permanent marker. I would definitely order again when I need more.

Justine T.

I have been ordering from Liz for a year now. My garden is now fully stocked with every kind of bulb, tuber and flower. With the convenience of front door drop off, I am hooked! Liz is very informative, friendly and gives great suggestions to make your garden beautiful!