Flowers For Pollinators 

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New for this year, a great group of perennial plants specifically chosen as a favourite of bees, butterflies and humming birds. They require little care and re-seed or naturalize very easily.

Sold in 4" pots for local delivery and as bare root plants for orders that need to be shipped

Bee Balm Jacob Cline

Huge bright red flowers. Leaves are a lovely addition to salads or teas.

Bee Balm Raspberry Wine

Pink-purple petals of sweet nectar make this a pollinator magnet. Leaves are great in salads or teas.

Globe Thistle Veitch's Blue

You'll hear the buzzing of an abundance of happy bees as they go from floret to floret on one of their favourite flowers. Great for dry conditions.

Lobelia Starship Scarlet               

Hummers love the vibrant red and large flower openings of these beauties. Make sure to plant them in several areas so they don't fight.

Obedient Plant Miss Manners

Perfectly stunning, pure white flowers with deep,dark green leaves on straight stems. Bees love them and are so cute to watch crawling into the tube shaped flowers going from one to the other.

Veronica Royal Candles           

Very appealing to the smallest of flying pollinators, these pipe cleaner type spires are loaded with tiny violet blue florets. Young leaves can be used in salads.

Viola Etain                                     

Loving cool weather, Viola (Pansies) will bloom in the early Spring and many times again in the late Fall. They don't mind frost or light snow and are often seen flowering all Winter in zones 8+

Viola Sorbet Purple Face              

A cool weather flower, Viola (Pansies) are one of the tastiest flowers. Their happy faces look wonderful on cakes and really add flare to a salad. The plants will go dormant in heat or drought.

More Flowers For Pollinators

In this group you will find some of the extras that are super important to add texture to your flower garden landscape. Some can be used as the perfect addition to bouquets for some great filler or height and others are wonderful in containers on the deck or patio. These annuals are profuse bloomers that will give colour all Summer. Pollinator favourites.

Petunia Blueberry Lime Jam

Each cell pack contains plants of both colours from Lime Green and Midnight. (annual)

Petunia Merlin Morn Mix

Mixture of pink with white centers and mauve-blue with white centers. Very striking. (annual)

Petunia Sophia

Fully double with wild ruffles of periwinkle blue. Lush and full. (annual)

Rosebud Geranium

Striking scarlet red, rounded clusters, densely packed with fully double rose-shaped flowers

Sea Holly (Eryngium)

Exquisite as a cut flower either fresh or 


Long strong branching stems of a deep purple-blue against contrasting bright green leaves make these a must for every border. (annual)

Statice Mix

Use in fresh or dried arrangements. A mixture of bright colours on strong stems. (annual)


Also called pincushion flower. These beauties grow best with horizontal netting to keep the stems straight. (annual)