Tree Peonies

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Often described as
"A plant for the landscape, stately, with rare breathtaking flowers, simply fabulous."
Tree Peonies are woody perennial shrubs and do not die back to the ground in Winter. They bloom in early spring, before herbaceous peonies. Their woody structure supports gigantic 8"-12" flowers. Bees and other pollinators are highly attracted to the flowers. While they can take full sun, they thrive in dappled light and the blooms will last longer if they have some shade in the hot afternoon. Tree peonies provide structure to the garden, with deep green foliage in summer that turns bronze and purple in fall. Native to China and cultivated for millennia, they symbolize honour and wealth. Many Chinese medicines are derived from Peony roots. These deer-resistant plants thrive in zones 4-9. Tree peonies grow slowly, producing 1 to 6 inches of new woody growth each year. They require rich compost and well-drained soil. The ones listed here are of the subgroup Suffruticosa and at maturity (10 years) will be 3 ft to 5 ft tall depending on variety. Click on each picture for more information. Sold as young grafted plants in 1 liter pots for local delivery.
** Shipped orders will be sold as bare root plants**

Hana-kisoi Floral Rivalry

Deserving of it's name this tree peony offers masses of blooms forming a nest of apricot/pink gorgeousness.


High Noon

APS Gold Medal APS Best In Show RHS Award Of Garden Merit

This vigorous tree peony is truly spectacular both for Winter hardiness and height, with an added bonus of occasionally blooming in late Summer as well as early Spring.


Kamada-nishiki Kamada Tapestries

Large bloooms of lavender-pink petals with dark burgundy framing the golden stamens.


Kao King Of Flowers

Very reliable plant giving profuse blooms of big full flowers in a strawberry-red colour. Sometimes labelled as Kaow.


Renkaku Flight Of Cranes

Pure white crepe paper petals as large as 12" across. A prolific bloomer.


Shimadaijin Island Minister

Semi-double blooms with beautiful symmetry in a rich purple red shade. A show stopper.



Fire Flame

Very unique two toned red and white massive flowers. Be the first on your block to own one!